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Writing A New Future

My Story

As an 18 years old college student, a psychology assignment had me study generational patterns by charting positive skills and negative behaviors that had been passed through generations on both sides. It made it easy to see that one of my talents is a common skill in my extended family. It also showed me a few yellow flag behaviors that I would be better off avoiding because of my family history. This assignment was a powerful illustration of how one person’s choices can have a profound and often long lasting impact on their loved ones, sometimes for generations.

At the same time, I learned the concept of what psychology calls a “transitional character.” This character is the person who chooses to step out of the generational inheritance of misery from poor behavior choices to set themselves, and subsequently all that come after them, onto a new, more empowered path. It is to break the chains of the dysfunction of the past and create a more compelling future without passing on the same issue to their children, grandchildren and on.

This idea seemed to impact me with an unforgettable power- the part where, in a movie, they would zoom right in on your eyes. This was that moment for me. I could envision from my assigned chart how easy it is to keep the same behaviors passing down generation to generation, but also, how one person could jump off the chart and start a new page that was different, and better.

I decided right then, as an 18 year student, that I would be a transitional character that would create a new story for myself and for my children. I would rewrite the story for my descendants and break the chains of the past. And that was non-negotiable for me.

I started a life long process of education, learning, self-development, reading books, attending events, buying courses and practicing these new ideas with my husband and children, where I got immediate feedback on what was working and what wasn’t. Thirty years later, I finally feel like I am starting to really get it, and I have seen some amazing results as most of my children have become adults. I can see that I did it! I did not pass on the dysfunctions of my past; my children are on that new path I envisioned before I even met them. Becoming this transitional character is my most important and valuable accomplishment in my life.

Most people don’t do this generational study they way I did. However, many people have decided, albeit without knowing the official terminology, to make things different and better for themselves and their children. Have you made a decision similar to this? 

My biggest transformations came in the areas of personal relationships, emotional resilience, changing undesired thought patterns, parenting, money mindset, and universal success principles. If you have decided you want to change your story and what you pass on to your children in any of the above areas, I would love to help you quickly learn things that I had to learn the hard way. It could shave 30 years off your learning time.

When I discovered coaching recently, I realized that this is what coaching is- helping others learn and apply in a short period of time what took me a lifetime to acquire. My 30 years of study and experience has impacted my life and my children in many positive ways. These life changing principles can create a positive impact in your life as well. It could even help you become a transitional character that changes the future for generations.


I believe in you. If you decide to make things better, and take the steps to get you there, you can succeed. And, if you want to make things better even faster, I would love to help you write a new future and stop letting your past have power over you.

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