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James Malinchak of ABC's Secret Millionaire

If you’re ready to take your life to higher levels and sustain continuous growth, then you must work with Jennifer. She has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people’s lives. And the best thing is that she comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference. Do yourself a favor, work with Jennifer today; you’ll be so grateful you did!

"Fantastic Coach!"

"Jennifer, you're a fantastic coach! I love the way you are able to take me through not knowing, to clarity to purpose, to eventually having me believe that I could actually achieve the things that I want to achieve in life. I feel that you understand me ... You've given me a lot of reasons to trust you that you are going to deliver on what you say. I'm going to definitely recommend you highly."

Connie D. Coach

"She'll Get You Where You Want To Go..."

"Working with Jen has been great! She's very confident, she knows where she's going. She doesn't let anything go by her- she's very present. She's very strong.

She's a really good coach and I would recommend her if you need a coach. She'll get you to where you want to go!"

Rhonda F. Theater & Speaker Coach

"Every Coach Needs Your Support!"

"Jennifer, you are a star of encouragement. I think every coach needs your support. You use your framework to support them and that’s what coaches need. You are such a joy and pleasure to speak to and you give nothing but encouragement and a powerful message. I’m sure every coach needs to have a conversation with you and needs your support!"

Eileen W. Parenting Coach

"Life Changing for me!"

"Jennifer and I have been working together for a while and she has this amazing ability to be able to cut through all the emotion, all the noise in your head, and really getting to the magic of what you need to hear and what you need to understand.

Something I learned today , I really regard as being life changing for me, and I know that in working with Jennifer, you will find your experience life changing as well.

So, I highly recommend Jennifer Hughes for coaching, for getting a little check-up from the neck up.

She can help. And she can help you quickly and lovingly and so efficiently. So, please, I cannot recommend Jennifer enough!"

Megan M. High Performance Coach

"I conquered a fear with one call"

"Jennifer is a great coach. I left my session feeling very confident about the next step I need to take. She is a very good listener, so she was able to capture my thoughts and play them back to me, which was great. She is stern, but kind." I didn't feel comfortable making video for my business, and she had me make a video at the end of the call and I did it. And it wasn't so scary after all. And that is why I am giving a video here. This is one of my fears that has been conquered. I would definetly look to having more sessions with Jennifer, she is a great coach!"

Adedayo T. Coach

"She really believes in me!"

"If you’re thinking about having coaching sessions with Jennifer, go for it! Jennifer has an incredible presence and every session I would always feel that she really sees me, she really believes in me, and with her guidance and the tools that she gives me to find my own sense of clarity, I’ve been able to take steps forward that I’ve really needed in particular aspects of my work in a much more grounded, and with a new sense of inspiration and direction and that’s been extremely helpful in new phases of work that I’ve been creating. So, thank you Jennifer, it’s been as always, a pleasure. Thank you for believing in me! And, for anybody thinking about working with her, enjoy, go for it!"

Melanie D. Coach, Breath work Practitioner

"Inspiring And Insightful Coaching" 

"I've had inspiring, and insightful coaching with Jennifer! She helped me to get clarity on balancing my priorities so I could re-align my demands with my vision for success. She opened up valuable perspectives with her expertise. In one session, I was able to view my situation from a completely new angle, and come up with a workable solution before  our session ended. I left my coaching session feeling re-energized and inspired. 

Angella F. Coach, Author

"Helped with my doubts and guided me through them with empathy"

"I had a session with Jennifer shortly before I had to take an important decision concerning my work life. My session with Jennifer was quite intense and productive leaving me with a clear mind and faith in myself. She helped me with my doubts and guided me through them with much empathy and care.

Thank you Jennifer for helping me make an important decision."

Tania M. Coach, Mother

"Highly Recommend for anyone ready to turn a vision into reality!" 

"Jennifer is a fantastic coach.

I highly recommend her for anyone who is ready to really go for their dreams and turn their vision into reality.

She'll help you reframe your thinking about what's holding you back and develop the mindset so you can start and keep taking massive action.

I love her action-oriented style."

Trisha B. Corporate Trainer, Business Coach

"Top Notch Coaching Expertise!"

"Jennifer really takes the time to understand what I want to achieve in my life. She makes me feel supported and has a talent for guiding ME to my own answers. Being coached by Jennifer is always a great experience - I highly recommend her if you need someone smart and compassionate with top notch coaching expertise!”

Claudia L. Marketer, Business Coach

"Helped Through My Hardest Times"

"My teenage daughter was really struggling for a long time and I didn't know what to do. Jennifer literally solved her problem with a 15 minute session and it was really an answer to my prayers about my daughter's issue. Jennifer's coaching and teachings have helped me through the hardest times in my life as well!"

Holly S. Mom

"Reminds Me Of Brene Brown"

"Jennifer is doing great work. She reminds of a young Brene Brown. Jennifer really does a great job coaching."

Jim C. Lawyer, Mediator, Coach

"Jennifer Can Help Change Your Life!"

"I have been receiving coaching from Jennifer for about four months. She is very passionate about helping others create happier and healthier thought patterns. She is a natural teacher and is easy to listen to. Jennifer loves to coach people. If you are willing to be open and talk about things you want to change in your life, Jennifer can help. She wants to see everyone change their lives to something better. I am so glad I took the time to participate in her coaching. Jennifer provided tools I can use to continue working to better myself. I can't wait to read her book Choose Happy: Be This, Not That. Thanks for everything you did to help me!

-Alison R.- FBI

"Enthusiastic And Amazing Coach"

Jennifer is an enthusiastic and amazing coach. She has so many wonderful techniques and skills that can significantly empower and build your self-confidence and self-esteem. Jennifer can break down those negative barriers that hold you back from reaching your goals just as she has given me the tools to create more positive self-awareness in achieving greater meaning and joy in my life. She listens and will work with you to create a plan that will lift and inspire you to overcome and be successful with whatever you are facing.

-Lynette L. -School Paraprofessional, Mom

"Reminds Me Of Brene Brown"

"Jennifer is doing great work. She reminds of a young Brene Brown. Jennifer really does a great job coaching."

Jim C. Lawyer, Mediator, Coach