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30 Things That Make You Happy
That Most People Avoid PDF

Live Abundantly! Book

If you want to learn some secrets for living an extraordinary life, pre-order my first book, Live Abundantly. I co-authored this book with other thought leaders, and each one put in their best tips for living an extraordinary life. Click below to order your hardcover book.

  • Secrets for living and extraordinary life

  • Written by top thought leaders

  • Short articles make it easy to digest

Yes, I Want An Extraordinary Life!

Choose Happy: Be This Not That: Increase Your Happiness, Strengthen Your Relationships, Achieve Your Dreams Book

Looking to increase your happiness, strengthen your relationships, and achieve your dreams? Look no further than Choose Happy: Be This, Not That. In this inspiring and practical guide, certified life coach Jennifer "The Coach In Your Pocket" Hughes shares the secrets to true happiness and success.

  • Short, powerful, easy to read

  • Compare choices that lead to happiness and misery side by side

  • Like a shoulder angel, it's like having a life coach in your pocket helping you make better choices- like choose happy.

This Book Sounds Perfect for Me!

Invite Me To Speak To Your Group

To invite me to come as a speaker and share some empowering success, mindset and motivation principles with your business, church group, school, teens, college students or organization, click below for more information!

  • I speak about:

  • Happiness

  • Success Principles

  • Motivation and Mindset

  • Personal Development

  • Parenting/Relationships

  • Christian topics

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Send Me A Message 

If you’re interested in coaching, speaking, or publishing, so you can get paid doing what you love, please reach out and say hello.

If you’d like to be happier, more successful, have a better relationship with money or make a big impact, then I would love to talk with you.