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What It's Like To Coach With Me

What is coaching?

If you are seeking to achieve something, or even if you are trying to avoid something else, then I’d like to invite you to schedule a “Success Strategy Session” where we can work together to move you towards your goal.

Having a life coach is like having an empowering, professional best friend. As your coach, I am your best supporter, cheerleader, accountability partner, and friend that tells you what you need to hear when you need to hear it and helps you how you need it most. The reason I say professional best friend is because all the excellent support goes one way, from me to you. Coaching helps guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

Who do I coach?

Moms, teens and young adults. Sometimes dads. I'm helping them with managing their emotions, achieving their goals, creating a more peaceful home life, strengthening relationships and overcoming what holds them back, parenting and personal development. Moms are primarily who I coach, but sometimes dads would like more support. Sometimes parents want help for their children and know it is better coming from someone besides themselves, so they get my support on behalf of their teen or young adult.

What is coaching with me like?

I use the most cutting edge techniques to empower you, your teen or young adult to take action on dreams or goals, uncover and triumph over unconscious roadblocks, strengthen relationships and much more in a safe and confidential way. 

Coaching with me can be anything. Whether coaching one on one, or coaching in the membership, it may include topics such as:

      • Dealing with a difficult situation or relationship

      • Writing and enacting a blueprint for your compelling future

      • Recognizing and overcoming stumbling blocks that do or have held you back

      • Support in navigating change or life transitions

      • Understanding and strengthening relationships- (This is a big one, you may to spend all our time here).

      • Figuring out why part of you wants one thing, and another part wants a different thing

      • Best practices for parenting, happiness and success

      • Reprogramming your thoughts, emotions and actions to align with the results you truly want

      • Overcoming fear, procrastination, perfectionism, negative thinking and feeling patterns

      • Creating a more positive relationship with money

      • Achieving what you want to achieve and taking it to the next level

      • Identifying and upgrading skills as necessary to get you where you want to go

      • Optimizing your environment (physical, emotional, mental) to make your success inevitable

      • An empathetic listening ear that can help reframe the situation so you can feel better about it

      • Validation and clarification on your issue

      • And much more!

      • Who needs a Life Coach?

        Everyone. That's who. How many times in your life has someone sat down with you and talked about what you want to accomplish and what it will take to get you there and then supported you through the whole process? For 98% of people, the answer is never. But it can be absolutely life changing!

        Only people with problems, challenges, goals, dreams, difficult thoughts, emotions, relationships or those in a state of transition in their life need a life coach. Only those who want to change or who need support, accountability, an empowering perspective, motivation, help, and someone else focused on your highest future self will be likely to seek a life coach.

        If, right now, you are happy where you are in every area of your life, then, it seems what you’ve done so far is working for you. You will only need a coach if you want your future to be different than your past and present.

        Let me be that person to sit with you and empower and support you in the ways you need it most. Apply for one on one to coaching to see if I have any openings, and to find out if I can help you, or, join the Mom Champ Membership where there are opportunities to get coached in a group setting and have the chance to learn from the coaching others get. So many of us have similar problems, that it really helps to hear someone else coached.

        What coaching qualifications do you have?

        (note- no qualifications are required, I just want to uplevel my skills and over deliver for you)

      • Bachelor’s degree in Family Life with a specialty in Family Life- basically, my degree is in parenting

      • 28 years experience as a parent of 5

      • Certified Life Coach- times 3. That means I completed three separate certification programs to train as a life coach

      • Certified by Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup For The Soul Series) to teach and train The Success Principles

      • Certified in NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming- changing perspective through examining what you think, say and do 

      • Guest on CBS's Good Morning Arizona several times

      • Special guest on CBS's Project Parenting several times

      • Interviewed on Fox news

      • Interviewed on NBC

      • Published in a children's magazine many times  

      • Read, studied, and learned personal development, and parenting for 30+ years

      • I'm just really good at this ;)

      • How do coaching sessions work?

        For one on one clients: All of my sessions with you are done virtually through a video call. You connect through the internet and we talk face to face, virtually. We find a time that works for both of us. You just need access to a computer or phone with the internet and a web camera.

        For coaching in the membership group: it is pretty much the same as above, but it will be in a group setting. It seems scary, but everyone is going through something similar and really hopes you get an answer that will help them too. If this makes you uncomfortable, one on one coaching may be better for you. 

        How is coaching different from other methods?

        1. A consultant is an expert in their specific field; they will tell you exactly how to do one thing or do the work for the client. In coaching, the client will be doing the work with encouragement, motivation and accountability from the coach. As a coach, I can help you in any area because I help you discover and take the action you want to take.

        2. Advice is usually not sought out, followed or valued. It is someone with nothing to lose who thinks, (whether true or not) that they know better for your life, so they tell you what to do. As a coach, I will sometimes teach principles, but I will primarily uncover your inner wisdom and help you make your own best choices.

        3. A mentor is someone respected who has already achieved the level of success in one area that you aspire to. They are like the master craftsman to an apprentice (mentee). A mentor helps you become like them in one specific area. A coach is an equal with you and acts as a guide for your future. A coach helps you become your best self in any/every area.

        4. A therapist is a licensed health professional that is qualified to diagnose conditions and disorders. A therapist takes you from dysfunction to function. They may work with a client for many years to heal traumas of the past. A coach is focused on getting a future result or outcome for her clients. A coach takes you from functional to the next level in any area of your life. A coach is not a therapist, but they can work together with a therapist to help the client in all the ways they might need it. A good coach (like me) can offer a fresh perspective on things of the past, but will primarily focus on what to do in the present to get great results in the future.

        Want to give coaching a try?

        The best way to give coaching a try is to join the membership and see what it looks like when others get coached, and you can even raise your hand sometimes to get coached. This is the best way to go deeper and learn and apply things the best.