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The Choose Happy Coaching and Personal Development Inner Circle

  • Each week, a new masterclass designed to help you increase your happiness, strengthen your relationships and achieve your dreams. We focus on many personal development topics to help you in your relationships, goals and personal fulfillment.

  • Access replays of each masterclass and coaching call to watch at your leisure and to refer back to your favorite stuff.

  • Opportunities to meet other women like you and gain new friendships.

  • Weekly coaching in a group setting to help you go deep on the things that make you happy, or are keeping you from it. Have more fun and less tension in your life.

  • Bonus courses to help you think better, feel better and do better so you can increase your happiness, strengthen your relationships and achieve your dreams.

  • More surprises will be added into the membership regularly, so keep checking back.

  • ''Jennifer is very passionate about helping others create happier and healthier thought patterns. She is a natural teacher and is easy to listen to. Jennifer loves to coach people. If you are willing to be open and talk about things you want to change in your life, Jennifer can help. She wants to see everyone change their lives to something better. I am glad I took the time to participate in her coaching. Jennifer provided tools I can use to continue working to better myself. I can't wait to read her book. Thanks for everything you did to help me.''

    Alison Rodriguez

    ''Jennifer is an enthusiastic and amazing coach. She has so many wonderful techniques and skills that can significantly empower and build your self-confidence and self-esteem. Jennifer can break down those negative barriers that hold you back from reaching your goals just as she has given me the tools to create more positive self-awareness in achieving greater meaning and joy in my life. She listens and will work with you to create a plan that will lift and inspire you to overcome and be successful with whatever you are facing. ''

    Lynette Loyden

    '"Jennifer is a fantastic coach.

    I highly recommend her for anyone who is ready to really go for their dreams and turn their vision into reality.

    She'll help you reframe your thinking about what's holding you back and develop the mindset so you can start and keep taking massive action.

    I love her action-oriented style."

    Trisha Bright

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